Genesis, God, and Steve Carell

In college I lived with some guys who were all very different. Though there were many interests spread among our group, there was one thing that would unite us more than anything. At any given moment in Mabee D120, you could be certain that The Office was playing on the television. This was such a regular occurrence, that … Continue reading Genesis, God, and Steve Carell

How to Help Others: Pt 1

It amazed me that while this man had many problems in his life, one of the greatest was loneliness. This conversation reminded me that we can give money, food, and shelter to everyone who needs it. None the less, we still can neglect some of their core needs: love and community.

Millennials and the Church

Most likely you have seen a Facebook or Youtube video by a guy named Simon Sinek talking about millennials in the work place. If you have not seen it, then you can check it out here. Sinek gives his views on some characteristics of millennials and how their upbringing has shaped and formed who they are. I … Continue reading Millennials and the Church