Genesis, God, and Steve Carell


In college I lived with some guys who were all very different. Though there were many interests spread among our group, there was one thing that would unite us more than anything. At any given moment in Mabee D120, you could be certain that The Office was playing on the television. This was such a regular occurrence, that our group watched every episode at least 15 times before graduation.

If you asked me now, “Why The Office?” I’m not sure I could tell you why we started watching it. Maybe it was the humor; perhaps it was the actors. However, to this day I still prefer that show to anything else. So the question becomes, “Why continue?”

Among the many plots of the office, one theme emerges above the others; the search for love. Relationships come, and relationships go but what draws the audience back each episode is the search for authentic love. Whether it is Michael and Holly, Pam and Jim, or Dwight and Angela, the desire is to see people come together with the one they love.

Love is what every person longs for. We were created with this desire in us for authentic, loving relationships. What is magnificent about the Bible is that it contains this same story of the pursuit of love.

Often, the bible is viewed as 66 different and unrelated books. The God of the Old Testament is viewed as a harsh dictator while the God of the New Testament is 70’s style hippie just calling for love. However, this cannot be further from the truth. In looking at the entirety of the Bible from beginning to end, the main theme is the pursuit of man by God.

In Genesis 1:27 we see that, unlike the rest of creation, “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” God created humans with the ability to love and pursue love. As you travel through the rest of the bible, this theme of pursuing relationships is prevalent. It comes however, not from man pursuing God, but rather God pursuing man.

My desire, in the coming posts, is to demonstrate this pursuit of love as it is outlined in the Bible.


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