Mercy in the Mud

The picture above is of a much younger me. Though the pants, shoes, gloves, and shirt are long gone, somehow that hat has still survived. Regardless, the picture was taken nearly 10 years ago in a small shack in Eagle Pass, Texas.  When I was a teenager, our church had a partnership with a church … Continue reading Mercy in the Mud

Spiritual Adolescence (Growing Up with Philippians Pt. 1)

What age makes you an adult in America? I asked this question last night in youth and got many different answers: 16 because a license, 17-18 because of graduation, 18 because of legal abilities, 21 because of more legal abilities, the age when you have to care for someone else, and list goes on. One … Continue reading Spiritual Adolescence (Growing Up with Philippians Pt. 1)

Frantically Floundering

As a child I had a fear of water. Not a terrible phobia, but I definitely hated swim lessons. My mother tried everything to get me in the pool; she "paid good money for those lessons." She would offer candy, extra play time, the option of choosing dinner, etc. just so that I would stick … Continue reading Frantically Floundering

Play-doh Nostalgia

Did you play with play-doh as a kid? I used it a lot at home. We had one of those play-doh presses where you could put the play-doh into the top, push the press, and it would come out the bottom in a shape. There were loads of shapes you could make too. The press … Continue reading Play-doh Nostalgia